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Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery

Terms & Conditions of Boarding

1. Vaccination details

  1. All pets boarded must be fully vaccinated, and the current vaccination certificate must accompany each pet.
  2. The vaccination certificate must remain in the possession of Scotsburn Kennels and Cattery throughout the period of boarding.
  3. Failure to provide a valid vaccination certificate for each pet will prevent them from boarding.
  4. This must show a booster vaccination having taken place within the last 12 months and signed off by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon. The certificate must show the booster having been administered as part of a course of vaccinations.
  5. Dog Vaccinations must safeguard against the following diseases: Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza. 
  6. We recommend that dogs have a current Kennel Cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis) vaccination.
  7. Your dog must have this at least 2 weeks prior to arrival at kennels. This is NOT part of your annual booster vaccination.  If you are in any doubt, Kennel Cough vaccines can be identified on your vaccination card / certificate as ‘Intrac’ (which lasts for 6 months) or ‘Nobivac KC’ (which lasts for 12 months). This is caused by an airborne infection and thus outside the control of Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery.
  8. Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery will never knowingly accept a dog which is displaying the symptoms of Kennel Cough, but as incubation can exceed 10 days it may not be detectable prior to arrival. The Pet Owner therefore accepts that this hazard exists, especially at busy times.
  9. In this instance your booking may be cancelled but you will remain liable for the boarding fees in full.
  10. We recommend that all dogs be covered by a known flea treatment, such as ‘Frontline’, ‘Stronghold’ or ‘Advantage’ before they are boarded. These products have varying lengths of effectiveness. Animals that arrive with fleas will be administered such a product and charged accordingly.
  11. We recommend that an effective Wormer, such as ‘Drontal’ or ‘Panacure’ is have administered to any Dog or Cat prior to boarding. This should be taken at least a week before coming into the Kennels / Cattery. Please check with your Veterinary Surgery on how long each product will protect your Pet.

2. Medical Record

  1. If an animal has a medical condition of any sort, we must be notified at the time of booking in order to assess if their needs can be fully met whilst boarding with us.
  2. If we have not been notified of such a condition or course of medication, we reserve the right to refuse admission.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse to board any dog that is clearly unwell, unfit for boarding, or that we consider could be dangerous to our staff.

3. Emergencies

  1. In the unlikely event your dog becomes unwell during their stay they will be treated by our designated veterinary surgeon (Easter Ross Vets Group in Tain/Invergordon/Alness).
  2. The Pet Owner accepts that a veterinary surgeon will be called if Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery think it necessary and any resulting fees will be payable by The Pet Owner at time of collection.
  3. During the period of boarding, Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery will exercise every possible care and attention to the welfare and safety of the pet, however Scotsburn Kennels and Cattery accepts no responsibility for problems outside of their control.

4. Emergency Protocol

  1. In a case of emergency, the person you have nominated will be contacted via telephone.
  2. The designated veterinary surgeon will be contacted and engaged if required as stated above.
  3. The Pet Owner will also be notified by telephone or text message.
  4. In the event that neither the Pet Owner or Emergency Contact can be reached, Scotsburn Kennels and Cattery reserve the right to take action based on the veterinary surgeon's advice.

5. Aggressive / Destructive Temperaments

  1. Scotsburn Kennels and Cattery reserve the right to refuse boarding of animals that display aggressive or destructive behaviour.
  2. In cases where animals are left that prove to be aggressive towards other animals or staff, or destructive to our facilities, we may contact you to arrange their removal.
  3. All damage caused by an animal to any area will be chargeable to the Pet Owner.
  4. Scotsburn Kennels and Cattery reserve the right to split families of dogs/cats who display aggressive behaviour, if it is deemed to be in interest of either animal's welfare. In this instance, the customer will be charged according to the number of boarding units occupied.

6. Minimum Age

  1. Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery operate a minimum age policy of 4 months.

7. Diet

  1. We strongly recommend your Pet be kept on the same diet, and that you bring this food with you when dropping off your Pet.
  2. If Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery do not stock the food you feed, it is your responsibility to supply enough food for the duration of your Pet’s stay. In the unlikely event that specialist food has to be purchased for your Pet due to insufficient supply, the cost price will be added onto your boarding invoice.
  3. If you don’t supply the food your pet eats normally Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery are not held liable for any conditions resulting from change of diet.

8. Bedding & Toys

  1. We supply plastic hygienic beds and soft vet roll bedding for pets.
  2. We request that you provide any soft bedding that you wish your Pet to have during his / her stay.
  3. Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery take no responsibility for loss or damage to any supplied bedding, leads or toys.

9. Dropping off and collection

  1. All dogs must be put on a lead by the Pet Owner prior to being handed over to Scotsburn Kennel & Cattery Staff.
  2. Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery does not accept any liability for escape of your Pet on exiting or entering your vehicle. 
  3. An appointment time must be agreed between Scotsburn Kennels and Cattery and the Pet Owner for both drop off and collection of your pet.
  4. Should the appointment time be missed by 20 mins without prior agreement, Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery reserve the right to ask the Pet Owner to re-arrange collection and drop off of their Pet.

10. Boarding Fees

  1. The Pet Owner is charged for each day of boarding or part thereof.
  2. All outstanding fees must be paid in full on or before the time of collection.
  3. Should the stay be extended by the Pet Owner for any reason, extra days will be charged at the daily rate.
  4. If the stay is curtailed, the full price may remain payable, but Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery, (at their discretion), may offer a refund for unused days.

11. No-Show

  1. A No-Show is the term used for a booking where you have failed to present your pet/pets for boarding within 24 hours of the first dat of your booking, without prior notification. 
  2. In this instance the Pet Owner agrees that the booking may be cancelled.

12. Non-Collection

  1. Any pet not collected within fourteen days of the agreed date of collection may be re-homed at Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery’s discretion unless satisfactory communication is received from the Pet Owner within this period.

13. Payment

  1. All outstanding fees must be paid in full on or before the time of collection by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Please include your surname and Pet’s name in the reference of all bank transfers. 
  2. If your payment is withdrawn or declined you accept full liability for any bank charges and costs incurred should Scotsburn Kennels & Cattery have to enforce this debt. Failure to make payment will result in your Pet being decline for future bookings.  
  3. Boarding rates are subject to annual review on the 1st January. Pet Owners will be charged at the current rate, regardless of when the booking was made.
  4. Scotsburn Kennels and Cattery operated a 'day rate or part thereof' policy. This means that Pet Owners will be charged for every day that their pet is boarded with us, regardless of drop off and collection time.